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Terms of Service

Rules and Regulations

The rules mentioned in section are applicable to the clients, visitors, and individuals checking the Zype Digital’s website. When any third-party is accessing the contents of the website, they are required to adhere to following rules and regulations. Violation of these rules can lead to serious repercussions as per law.

  • The delivery of the first project sub-section will be dependent on the delivery-time which is chosen at the time of project discussion.
  • Every additional task would take up to 24 working hours or more depending upon the complexity of the situation.
  • The team works from Monday to Friday. All the work arriving after Friday 1400 hours GMT will be addressed on Monday 0500 hours GMT.
  • For all the additional services not included in the package, extra charges may apply according to the complexity of the task.
  • For the contents, material, graphics, and required essential offered by the client are not the responsibility of ZYPE digital. The correctness and copyright of these essentials would be handled by the client only.
  • The Software Development or SRS document would be prepared according to the requirements of the client and it would include basic work, hours of work, and other necessary payment details.
  • The trademark registration of essentials such as logo should be carried out by the client unless otherwise mentioned in the contract.
  • The client is required to offer a detailed vision of the project and offer feedback in clear points. ZYPE digital would not be responsible for any delay caused due to unclear data points or feedback.
  • All the visitors that offer details on the website give ZYPE digital permission to use this information according to the terms and conditions.
  • All the standard prices mentioned for various services of ZYPE digital may be different in some cases.

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