In today’s technical web development era, websites are nothing without responsive design frameworks. The demand of these web frameworks has increasingly grown in past few years. The introduction of these front-end development frameworks has helped developers focus on the development of the user-centric applications. This, in turn, has helped users to get involved and use the sheer complexity of these frameworks in the form of applications.

With the introduction of js framework, CSS frameworks, and HTML frameworks, developers are now able to extend the functionality of a number of applications. Among these three best web frameworks, it is a bit difficult to vote for the one and thus, we have summarized all these web frameworks individually. It is true that a number of other responsive design frameworks have been developed; however, the three frameworks mentioned earlier have still managed to remain atop in the list of a number of developers. Here is more on the exceptional functionality of these frameworks.


JavaScript has taken the world of front-end development by storm. And for developers, it is not just another scripting language to conclude web app development easily.

1. Angular.js

As one of the best JavaScript frameworks, Angular.js makes it much easier for the developers to accomplish the complex web development tasks. In addition, The rich functionality of this js framework has already been utilized by PayPal, Google, iTunes and many such big names in their applications. Technically, Angular.js is an extension to HTML that helps in the development of complex web pages.


Meteor.js allows developers to work in pure JavaScript. This JavaScript framework is designed to create the end to end mobile as well as web applications at an exceptional speed. Meteor.js got all the required functionalities that are needed for perfect front end rendering. The use of this superb JavaScript framework also helps in managing backend development and database management with ease.


Knockout.js was introduced as an open source JavaScript framework. This JavaScript framework has already enjoyed its popularity back some years and now it is counted only after Angular.js because of the rich functionalities it holds. The framework in no ways is inferior from similar other frameworks; however, a revision to its functionality is needed to boost the popularity of Knockout.js among the users.


Developers have a liking for Backbone.js as it is a lightweight JavaScript framework. The popularity of backbone.js needs no mention as the big entities such as Pinterest, Walmart, Foursquare, etc. have already encashed its worth through engaging apps for the users. So, the JavaScript framework is simple to use and easy to run, which makes it one of the easiest frameworks for the developers to work on.